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We are experienced and passionate crowdfunding experts. Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs access the capital they need to grow.

CrowdFundMe2 is based in Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and UK wide. CFM2 offers it’s services across the UK and is helping businesses get professional access to crowdfunding. Our client funding solutions include modernising, expanding and scaling a brewery, many food and drink businesses, developing solar power parks in South America and a cup helping people with Parkinson’s, tremor and wrist weakness.

We understand the crowdfunding market and have a detailed knowledge and contacts within the crowdfunding platforms and other funding and innovation organisations.

Our ethos is to truly understand our client, act with integrity and honesty and give you value for money.


Justin Grainger ACIB, BSc(Hons)

Justin has over 25 years’ experience in Corporate Finance, Business Consultancy and Alternative Finance. During the banking crisis he studied natural ecosystems in Cambridge and Queen’s University Belfast and from this unusual mix of experience drew parallels between natural ecosystems and crowdfunding, from a broad population, as a far healthier and sustainable way to fund businesses growth. Bury St Edmunds based CrowdFundMe2 was started in early 2014 and has deep market insight, understanding, contacts and client success stories.

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Justin Grainger MD/Founder – Click Image for LinkedIn Profile

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Conatus Associates & Kevin Ward

Crowdfundme2 have now merged with Kevin Ward’s expertise at Conatus Financing Solutions Ltd and can now source all types of business funding and finance and offer a full banking relationship advice service.

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Business Funding Certainty from Conatus Financing Solutions and CrowdFundMe2

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Claire Nevison BSc(hons) – Financial & Strategy

Claire brings extensive business experience from the UK and mainland Europe where she oversaw the sale of a private start-up to the state sector. Claire graduated in Zoology from Nottingham and undertook leading post graduate primate behavioural research at Cambridge University, from where she is highly published in leading scientific journals. Claire’s business and primate experience helps her keep CrowdFundMe2 strategy, finance and team under control!

Crowdfunding Experts Claire Nevison

CrowdFundMe2 and CFM2 are trading names/styles of Conatus Financing Solutions Ltd